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Our Process

We spent over a year making batch after batch of teas blends, coffee beverages, and chocolate confections, without making a single cent. We wanted to do our raw ingredients justice. With these raw ingredients, we chose a single variable and controlled everything else.

We learnt how a few degrees centigrade difference in temperature, or an extra 30 seconds of processing affected the batches’ flavour. Money was not our ultimate goal. Our only objective from this exercise was to crack the code and reach perfection, financial results would naturally come after.

In choosing our supplies, we advocate for ethical labor practices, fair wages, and healthy working conditions.

Tea Processing.

Tea professionals often spend years understanding a single style of tea production so we certainly won’t try to cover all nuances and varieties of tea on this page!

Arabica Coffee Bean processing.

Here is an infographic about the production process of coffee shown in 9 steps. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, the production process is an intensive and very detailed process. 

Chocolate processing.

Chocolate processing practices haven’t changed much from the time of the Maya; it is just that the equipment and processes have been refined.


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