Where Art & Design: meet Chocolate and Tea.

Our Story

MELCTEA is not another chain or random brand that has been mechanically replicated from abroad. It is the result of years of tenacity of a Filipino-Singaporean duo, driven by the desire to become tea and chocolate experts.

MELCTEA café is the manifestation of this determination to disrupt the tea and café industry in the Philippines. We want to be known for a 3 things, tea based beverages, exquisite chocolate confections, and best-in-class design.

Popular milk tea shops are like “sweat shops”. MELC TEA envisions that in the long run, as the industry matures, customers will seek lifestyle brands that they can identify with, rather than purely queuing for long periods of time for a cup of tea or coffee, hence, we aim to be ahead of the curve and differentiate ourselves by investing in best-in-class visual merchandising, and store design.

We invest heavily in tasteful design to ensure a differentiated and memorable brand experience. Our store front is heavily inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and Zen restraint. Our instore design philosophy seeks to achieve two aims:

To allow our customers to enjoy a quick escape, and for them to know that an everyday luxury or quick treat is within reach.

To allow the quality and taste of our products to speak for itself.

The design of the space aims to bring together elements of craftsmanship, human connection, and the aroma of our tea beverages with our chocolate pairings.

What We Do

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Corporate Gifts
Wedding Favours
Bespoke Blends

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